Attentive vs. Non-consensual

My partner listens to me and respects me. or My partner forces me to do things I don’t want to do (sex or other things). How loved and respected do you feel in your relationship?  Does your voice matter?  Are you heard?  If you are not comfortable going to a certain place, being with certain

Approachable vs. Controlling

I can easily tell my partner when I’m feeling upset or hurt. or My partner is possessive and controlling.   Here is a good question to ask yourself:  do you feel you need to hide things from your partner?  In a healthy relationship, there might be disagreements.  However, each partner should feel that they can

Inclusive vs. Isolating

My partner is fine with me having other friends. or My partner wants me all to himself. What might start out feeling like you are the center of someone’s universe can actually be your own world shrinking.  A partner might want you all to his self—it might seem romantic, flattering, and sweet at the beginning. 

Communicating vs. Fearful: How would you describe your relationship?

We can discuss things, and we can disagree and be OK. Or I’m scared of how my partner will react when we disagree. While people are often drawn together because they have a lot in common, no two people agree on everything all the time.  It’s part of what makes us individuals.  But the individuals

Trusting vs. Jealous: How would you describe your relationship?

Which describes your relationship: My partner trusts me to make good choices and be true to our relationship. My partner doesn’t like me to have male friends or sometimes even say nice things about other guys. He wants to know where I am and who I am with all the time. Jealousy is rooted in

Respectful vs. Critical: How would you describe your relationship?

Which describes your relationship: When I share my opinion, my partner listens and tries to understand. When I share my opinion, my partner criticizes me. Does what you say turn into an argument unless you give in or just agree?  If you think you need to be careful what you say or if you have

Healthy Relationship or Unhealthy Relationship?

How would you describe yours?  Start with these questions: What is your gut telling you about your partner? What do your friends and family say? How does how he treats you differ from when you are alone to when others see you with him? In the next few blogs, we’ll talk about what makes it

Is my relationship healthy?

Sometimes it is easy to recognize.  Sometimes not.  It might be hidden from others.  You might feel ashamed to tell someone. Or scared. If your relationship makes you feel nervous, uncomfortable or scared, you could be experiencing Intimate Partner Violence.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says this can include four types of behavior and